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About us...

Hi there!  My name is Janel McLain; I'm the Director of Dog Gone Rescue.  I established the rescue in March 2011.  I saw many animals in and around my community in need of help...running loose, no food/water, tied to trees, no shelter, so I decided to do something about it.  I started helping animals by building dog/cat houses and providing straw.  All the dog/cat houses built are wood and/or metal and have shingled roofs.  They're all painted.  I was building them myself in the beginning, but now, due to the kindness of others donating their time to help build, the rescue has been able to provide over 60 dog houses to animals in need! 

I then came across a stray dog, who I was unfortunately unable to reunite with his owners, so found him a good was then I decided my passion would be helping animals in need find loving forever homes.  Through the generosity and support of others donating money, their time,  I've been able to help hundreds of animals find loving forever homes.  I'm truly blessed to live among so many animal lovers.

I work full-time in conjunction with running my rescue, so it can be a challenge at times to keep up, but luckily I have wonderful volunteers and foster families helping make that possible.   I run the rescue out of my home with the help of Dog Gone volunteers to help foster/care for animals until they can be adopted.  

I strongly feel one person can make a difference if they find something their passionate about, mine is rescuing animals & I love it!!  Thank you all for supporting my passion and making it possible, couldn't do it without help!

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