Summer is here...keep your dog cool! 


Fresh Water

Summertime can be hot, especially if outside all day. If you're thirsty, your dog is thirsty! It's important to provide your pet with "fresh" water several times a day. Water gets hot sitting out in the sun...nothing like a warm drink on a hot day "yuck." Give your pet something refreshing to drink, take the time to dump the water bowl and give them some delicious cool water to drink.  Giving your pet a place by the pool would be a bonus too! Kiddie pools are inexpensive, fill w a few inches of water for your pet to beat the heat! Click on the cute image below for some fun water play ideas! 



Temps can soar in the summer, make sure to provide your pet with shade when outside.  Anyone knows, working outside in direct sunlight is HOT, imagine being out in that all day. If you love your dog, make sure to provide them with shade when outside; either a tree  or tarp could make a 20 degree difference!

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Frozen Treats

Get Creative and keep your dog busy on a hot day...they'll love you for it! Freeze toys & treats in broth/water in a container for a special treat! Ice cubes are an inexpensive and fun way to give your dog a tasty treat!  And who doesn't love ice cream!? Click on the pic below to get some tasty treat recipes for your pet!

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Wet Dog

Don't leave your pet in a hot car! 


You wouldn't leave your child in a hot car, don't leave your cars kill!!


When planting those beautiful flowers this Spring, please make sure they are non-toxic to your canine companion! 

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Monarch Butterfly.jpg
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Red Tulips
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We need your support to continue helping animals in need


Dog Gone Rescue Spay & Neuter Fund

We started our Dog Gone Rescue Spay & Neuter Fund to help low income families in need get their pets spay and neutered.  This will help these beloved pets stay healthy, as well as help control the pet population.   The only requirement we have is that you get your pet current on shots.  

Getting your pet fixed can help with behavioral, house training & aggression issues.  It also reduces your pet's risk of getting cancer.  The ideal age to get your cat or dog spayed or neutered is 6 months of age.

How to Apply: Click on the tab above that says: Spay & Neuter Application.  Complete the online form, then click on submit.  We will try to get back to you regarding your status within 24-48 hours.   

If would like to donate to our Dog Gone Spay & Neuter Fund, please click on the Donate button, thank you!


We use CBD oil for some of our rescue dogs that have anxiety and our senior dogs having joint issues...we do notice a difference!  There are no side effects as it's completely natural!  We definitely recommend our adopters and animal lovers keep their pets having health and/or behavioral issue on a regiment of Honest Paws CBD Oil products.  Check out their website! 

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Need an ID Tag for your dog?  Check these out, very cute!


35% of your purchase will go to

Dog Gone Rescue!

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