We're kicking off our

Dog Gone Shoe Drive!



Help us raise funds to keep our rescue going by donating your gently worn, used or new shoes! If we can collect a 100 bags of 25 pairs of shoes, the rescue earns $1,000!! We're hoping to reach this goal with your help! If you have any shoes you don't wear anymore, please send them our way! :) Or if unable to drop off, email us at, janel@doggonerescue.com, and we'll arrange a shoe pick-up!

Help spread the word!

Help spread the word!

Please ask friends, family, neighbors & co-workers to donate too!

Dog Gone supporters Buddy & Brian

Dog Gone supporters Buddy & Brian

With help from our animal lovin' friends like Buddy & Brian, we're hoping to reach our goal of a 100 bags of 25 pairs of shoes...the more shoes collected, the more money we raise for the rescue! If we reach our goal, the rescue earns $1,000!!

What happens to my donated shoes?

What happens to my donated shoes?

Your donated shoes are collected by us animal lovers, sorted, bagged & then picked up by Funds2org after the fundraiser is done; they then ship them to micro-enterprise partners all around the world. They're then cleaned & prepared for sale at a low price to people in need. Shoes that are "not" sold are used to make & fix products or create something new. Some of these new products can be items such as insulation for homes, stuffing for car seats or furniture.

Donations help start businesses!

Donations help start businesses!

Shoes are sold by these small business owners in communities in need of proper footwear at an inexpensive price; additionally micro-entrepreneurs create a path out of poverty for themselves in countries where there are limited, if any, job opportunities to pay a living wage.

October 1 thru December 1

Shoe Donation

"Drop-Off locations"



Dog Gone Rescue (front porch) - 205 S. Sumner Ave., Creston

Union County Abstract, Inc. - 107 E. Montgomery St., Creston

More Drop-off places will be available soon!

Due to Pandemic"Porch Pick-ups" available upon request

Please contact us at: janel@doggonerescue.com, to make arrangements for us to pick up your donated shoes, thanks! 

We need your support to continue helping animals in need


Dog Gone Rescue Spay & Neuter Fund

We started our Dog Gone Rescue Spay & Neuter Fund to help low income families in need get their pets spay and neutered.  This will help these beloved pets stay healthy, as well as help control the pet population.   The only requirement we have is that you get your pet current on shots.  

Getting your pet fixed can help with behavioral, house training & aggression issues.  It also reduces your pet's risk of getting cancer.  The ideal age to get your cat or dog spayed or neutered is 6 months of age.

How to Apply: Click on the tab above that says: Spay & Neuter Application.  Complete the online form, then click on submit.  We will try to get back to you regarding your status within 24-48 hours.   

If would like to donate to our Dog Gone Spay & Neuter Fund, please click on the Donate button, thank you!


We use CBD oil for some of our rescue dogs that have anxiety and our senior dogs having joint issues...we do notice a difference!  There are no side effects as it's completely natural!  We definitely recommend our adopters and animal lovers keep their pets having health and/or behavioral issue on a regiment of Honest Paws CBD Oil products.  Check out their website! 

Need an ID Tag for your dog?  Check these out, very cute!


35% of your purchase will go to

Dog Gone Rescue!

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